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Issue #5

BadgerTac “AirTac Bazaar”

In association with Strike-Hold! and Airsoft Soldier magazine, BadgerTac would like to invite you to their first “AirTac Bazaar” on 11 December 2010.

Snatch up those last minute bargins before Christmas or, if you have any unwanted kit you want to sell, give them a ring and book a table to display your gear and make a few quid in the process!

Exhibitors will include: Edgar Brothers, Thomas Lowe Defence, Airsoft Skirmish, Viking Airsoft - and many airsoft skirmish sites, including X-site, GASS and others.

Plus: Magpul Demo, TLD Stun grenade demo, Shooting range, and much more!

Raffle prizes: Blackhawk, Surefire, Magpul, TLD, Gerber, Silva, and more to be won!

Call 01296 658 600 or email enquiries@badgertac.co.uk
Admission: Tickets £7.50 pre-booked / £10.00 on the day

Hot & Cold food & drinks will be available all day.

When booking, please provide UKARA/Site membership details for verification if wishing to purchase RIFs on the day. If you are a non UKARA member, you will only be able to purchase 2 tone IFs and tactical equipment. 

BadgerTac Jack

Building 350
Wescott Venture Park
Bucks HP18 0XB

25. november 2010

Black Ops

US based Socom Gear has just made a new product launch few days ago and this time they´ve launched a new Hi-Capa -style, large frame 1911 pistol. I would guess that the pistol has been made in Taiwan, but as before with Socom Gear pistols, this should be good quality, but yet affordable gun. You might have an opinon about these large frame 1911´s, but if you like them – this might be a good chance to get one. Too bad that Socom Gear guns are somewhat hard to get in Europe.

20. october 2010

October Arms Fair part 2

Other interesting and exciting developments that we saw at yesterday’s show demonstrate how some of the lines between the real-deal and airsoft worlds are becoming blended.

C3 Tactical are a relatively new company, and this was there first apearance at the Airsoft Arms Fair.  Think, command-control-communications and you’ll understand the name.

AAF Oct 2010 008

We had a lengthy chat with them, and they’re a good bunch of guys.  Their range of services come under the headings of Corporate, Military and Airsoft.  Under the Corporate heading they provide airsoft-based “experience days” and team-building events tailored for corporate clients.  Under the Military heading they provide a range of training packages covering leadership and tactics, basic infantry skills, and specialised role and scenario training.  Under the Airsoft heading they run single-day and week-end skirmishes at their site in The Forest of Dean (which features some terrain that looks like it came straight out of The Lord of The Rings).

C3’s “Manifesto” is that they are passionate about airsoft and want to share the knowledge and experience of their ex-elite forces instructors to raise the level of skill and excitement in airsoft around the country.  Considering that part of their training syllabus includes a live-fire sniper course and actual parachute jump training – as well as essential basic skills – I’d say they’re off to a great start on the way to achieving their aims.

For full details, check out their website at www.c3tactical.co.uk, follow them on Facebook (’C3 Tactical’ group), on Twitter and on Tumblr (c3tactical.tumblr.com).


Also on the real-deal end of the spectrum, we caught up with the guys from Smell The Cordite.  They’re a British-owned, Swiss-based company that gives civilians the chance to shoot some weapons that they’d never get the chance to in the UK (or anywhere else with very restrictive gun laws).  So, if you fancy being taught how to handle a real firearm by ex-special operations guys, and then to shoot those weapons in a defunk Swiss bunker inside a mountain(!), then be sure to check these guys out.  www.smellthecordite.co.uk


And finally, on the airsoft front, we got our hands on the first example of the Specter Modular Weapon System to be seen outside of ASG’s office in Denmark. 

AAF Oct 2010 015

Made by Action Sports Games A/S under license from Yankee Hill Machine Co. Inc. the Specter is based on the familiar (if not over-done) AR type platform, but brings a level of flexibility and realism never before seen in a mass-market airsoft gun. 

Namely, the system allows you to swap your upper receiver and barrel assembly as a single unit, with the push of a single pin and in a matter of a few seconds.  And in total, the system gives you a choice between 2 types of lower receiver and 10 (!) types of upper receiver and barrel assembly.

Specter 1 

Specter 2

We weren’t able to test fire the system at the show, but we did get a chance to swap a couple of barrels around and noted that it does work very easily, smoothly and fits together very solidly.


It seems to us that Jim and his crew are definitely on to a winner with the Airsoft Arms Fair and we’re sure it will grow and grow.  We thank them for allowing us to be a part of it, wish them lots of luck, and loads of success.

See you at the next one!

17. october 2010

UK Airsoft Arms Fair 16 October 2010

The UK’s second Airsoft Arms Fair, held yesterday, was a resounding success.  According to organiser Jim Sephton, ticket sales were up at least 50% on the first Airsoft Arms Fair held back in May – and there were also quite a few more retailers than the previous event too.  Due to the success of this year’s shows, Jim is now looking at moving the event to a larger venue for next year – one that will provide more indoor space for exhibitors and retailers, as well as more outdoor space for shooting ranges (and maybe even a skirmish zone!).

AAF Oct 2010 009

So, what were the highlights of the show for us?  Well, Edgar Brothers were back again as lead sponsor and stirring things up with the stunning new UK-Spec MagPul PTS “Masada” – which we got to test fire on the shooting range (sweet!!).

AAF Oct 2010 002

As you can see from their banner, Edgar Brothers carry a wide range of top-notch gear. 

AAF Oct 2010 007

They also had this rather enticing MultiCam demonstrator on hand too.  In fact, they had another set of MultiCam demonstrators that were even more enticing than this – but you’ll have to contact them for a copy of the calendar to see those!  ;-)

AAF Oct 2010 010

Edgar Brothers also sponsored the “MagPul Makeover” contest as well – in conjunction with Gunmunki.  Here we see the lucky winner with his newly made-over M4 (pictured with Jim Sephton of the Airsoft Arms Fair to his right, and Carl Miller from Edgar Brothers to his left).

AAF Oct 2010 014

17. october 2010

New UK retailer: BadgerTac is open for business

Located on an old WWII RAF airfield, and run by a former British Army tankee and a former Royal Marine sniper, BadgerTac serve up a wide range of top-notch tactical gear, airsoft weaponry, training and simulation pyrotechnics, and services.  As of Tuesday 5 October their shop will be fully open for business.

Building 350
Westcott Venture Park
Westcott, Aylesbury
HP18 0XB


The shop’s opening times are Tuesday – Saturday, 0930-1730 (that’s 9:30am – 5:30pm in civilian time) and its located on the right flank of the Westcott Venture Park a few miles west of Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire.  It really is a one-stop-shop too – stocking everything from boots to caps, gloves to grenades, and shooting glasses to shooters.  And Airsoft Soldier magazine too of course!

BadgerTac stock well-known global brands like Danner, Blackhawk and 5.11, as well as leading European brands like Helikon-Tex, Arktis and Solo International.  You’ll also find economical brands like UTG, Web-Tex and Milspex too.  So, whether you’re kitting up for deployment to the back-of-beyond, or just a Sunday-Skirmish, Dan and Ian aim to make sure you’ll find what you need.

Meet them in person, join them on Facebook, or visit their website:  www.badgertac.co.uk

3. october 2010

Upcoming: G&G G2010


Some time ago, we got a short & heavy package from guys in Taiwan, more exactly, from G&G Armament. They sent us their new G2010, which is a replica of Fabrique Nationale´s F2000-rifle. We have had a chance to test few original rifles, so we were pleasantly suprised how realistic the G&G version of it was. Weight and centre of mass is somewhat the same as the real gun and when you dont have the real steel version beside this one – you really cannot point many details that are not the similar to the FN´s gun.

Next, we´re going to put this gun under severe evaluation. Gun defiantely seems sturdy enough to withstand some punishment, but after crawling in mud and pinecones, we can really say what it is made of. If you´re thinking to buy this gun, you might want to wait until our in-depth evaluation report comes out in the future.

23. september 2010

Win a MagPul Makeover at the UK Airsoft Arms Fair


Bigger and better, the AAF returns on the 16th October with more retailers, more private sellers and more airsoft sites – and remember that only Airsoft Soldier is the official media partner.

The big news to come out recently about the fair is that, thanks to the good folks at Edgar Brothers Airsoft and Gunmunki, 3 lucky attendees to the Arms Fair will also win a full MagPul Makeover for their M4 AEG.


The criteria for the competition are that;
1. It must be your gun
2. It must be an M4 variant
3. It must work
4. You must have a ticket to attend the October Arms Fair as the Makeover will be done at the Fair and presented to you before you leave

To enter, you must submit a picture or video of your gun, along with a sob story as to why you deserve to have your gun given a full makeover, to aaf@suspensionofdisbelief.co.uk (be sure to also include your ticket number).

There is no requirement for the sob story to be true, its just got to be more entertaining than anyone else’s.

There are 3 makeovers to be won:

1 for the 10am entry ticket holders
1 for the 11.30am entry ticket holders
1 for the 1pm entry ticket holders

Tickets for all time slots are selling fast and remember you must have a ticket in order to be able to attend the Fair. www.airsoftarmsfair.com


4. september 2010

Echo1 Wolverine


Echo1 is bringing out a new gun late this year and apparently, it has got its name from old 1980´s movie “Red Dawn“. You can think whatever you like about the movie, but the gun seems to be patterned after AK74. If Wolverine will be same quality gun as their Red Star -series, you can expect Wolverine to be very sturdy, full metal AK.

Watch their Youtube-video.

3. september 2010



Few years ago, you might have noticed that Madbull AGX grenade launcher was used in a movie Punisher. Well – now the tides have turned and Madbull affiliate – SOCOM Gear has launched interesting new pistol. Basically, it is the same pistol as other 1911-pistols under the brand – but there is two differences. Some of the parts are chrome finished and in the business end of the barrel there´s a compensator. Just like in the movie. So if you want to be Frank Castle – tough luck – he´s a fictional character. But if you want to act like Dolph Lundgren (or better), here´s a tool for one role.

28. august 2010

King Arms S&W M&P15 MOE


Officially, this gun is known as its full name: King Arms Smith & Wesson Military & Police 15 Magpul Original Equipment. Not suprisingly, in many articles and websites it is abbreviated into KA S&W M&P15 MOE. Sounds and looks better, don´t you think?

Anyway, we all know what kind of company King Arms is. Earlier they manufactured quality parts for airsoft guns, but nowadays they´ve started to manufacture full guns as well. Under these days, manufacturers even in Hong Kong are not able to manufacture whatever brand they like, so its not a wonder that King Arms has collaborated with french Cybergun which holds rights for many real-steel brands.

We know that many guys frown upon on everything that has anything to do with Cybergun, but in this case, it has enabled King Arms to make realistic markings to the gun.

On our evaluation, the gun suprised us with the technical quality, although it had some flaws too. Subscribe our magazine to find out what they were.

22. august 2010

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